Intruder Alarms


Keeping your home or business safe is about more than just protecting your property or warning you of intruders... you need a system which will protect you, your staff, your family and your customers from a whole host of potential situations.

Select offers the most advanced intruder products based on state-of-the-art wired or wireless detection technology. We install advanced security systems with flexible options that will protect your property from instrusion and damage as well as fire, carbon monoxide, gas leaks, floods and other health hazards.

Intruder Alarms


  • You are not alone in an emergency - all our intruder systems can be monitored via phone, mobile and broadband connections. This will ensure that once the alarm is activated, help is only a phonecall away.
  • Effortless maintenance - our systems will create alerts if the battery is low, the equipment has been tampered with or if there is any other error. The system automatically alerts you and contacts Select, so that we can organise a visit to check it out.
  • Certified performance and quality - all detectors undergo stringent laboratory testing and are certified by the most demanding international safety standards.
  • Lifetime warranty - all our intruder systems come with a no-quibble lifetime warranty as long as the system is being maintained by Select.
  • Fully accredited intruder alarm company - Select is accredited by the industry's number one governing body, the Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board (SSAIB).
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A complete wireless security system can be installed in your home or business in less than a day. Call us to find out more...